Scooter’s Dessert Recipes

From Merle Martfeld’s Recipe Cards

Below are the links to some of Scooter’s dessert recipe cards. Enjoy!

Butter Pecan Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookies (version 1)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (version 2)
Chocolate Chip Cookies (version 3)
Chocolate Ice Cream
Delicious Cookies
Deluxe Peach Ice Cream
Dishpan Cookies Cookies
Fresh Apple Cake (2 different copies)
Jellied Cranberry Salad
Kosher Dill Pickles (well, I consider them dessert!)
Maggie’s Chocolate Cake (version 1)
Maggie’s Chocolate Cake (version 2)
Oatmeal Cake
Old Fashion Chocolate Cake
Orange Cake
Raspberry Ice Cream
Refrigerator Rolls
Strawberry Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream

More Scooter Recipes: This document was created by Maria Martfeld Smith.

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