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1 Buried at St. Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Scott, Florence (P117)
2 Buried in St Vincent de Paul Cemetery Rogers, Arkansas Martfeld, John Edward (P8)
3 Holy Cross Cemetery Crowe, Clara Marian (P116)
4 Schulze, William C. (P404)
5 Kathmann, Frederick Fritz (P495)
6 Muller, Louisa (P339)
7 Pruss, Frank Frederick (P348)
8 Pruss, Louise Johanna (P347)
9 Crandall, Calvin Dale (P496)
10 Bellar, Joseph Raymond (P414)
11 Pruss, Ivan Carl (P516)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (P3)
13 Wirsing, Christian A (P494)
14 Kathmann, Frederick Fritz (P495)
15 Crandall, Charlotte W (P497)
16 Pruss, Carl (Charles) John Frederick (P246)
17 Martfeld, Mabel Hanna (P333)
18 Martfeld Kathman, Marie Wirsing (P337)
19 Pruss, Johanna (P532)
20 Killed in an oil refinery explosion Eyl, William Frank (P18)
21 Laurel Hill Cemetery Pruss, Caroline (Carrie) Emma (P342)
22 Martfield, Henry Mrs. 22 Mar 1907 (Taken from Cemetery Records online) Evans, Mary Frances (P241)
23 Mont Meta Memorial Cemetery Green, Alvin Bernard (P105)
24 Mountainview Cemetery Cooper, Martha Melissa (P223)
25 My Zion Cemetery near Oakley Community, Chariton, IA Parry, Fred (P132)
26 National Cemetery Lemons, Gladys B (P376)
27 Old Boston Cemetery Green, Robert Samuel (P290)
28 Prairie Lawn Cemetery Eyl, William Frank (P18)
29 Prairie Lawn Cemetery Barnes, Lorenzo Dow 'White' 'Dan' (P49)
30 Prairie Lawn Cemetery Lessert, Viola Marie (P180)
31 Rose Hill Cemetery Eyl, William Henry (P28)
32 Springfield National Cemetery Green, Robert Bernard (P371)
33 St Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Green, Vernon Leo (P104)
34 St Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Green, Baby 2nd (P110)
35 St Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Green, Baby 1st (P111)
36 St Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Larsen, Ruth Marie (P184)
37 St Elizabeth Cemetery Green, Viola V. (P103)
38 St Johns American Lutheran Church West Lawn Cemetery Heuton, Louise Henrietta (P443)
39 St Mary's Cemetery Cottier, Lucille (P172)
40 St Mary's Cemetery Martin, SD Lessert, Louis Benjamin (P186)
41 St Mary's Cemetery - Martin, SD Lessert, Benjamin C (P173)
42 St. Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Eyl, Edward Fredrick (P11)
43 St. Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery Eyl, Herbert Norman (P17)
44 St. John's Cemetery Battle Creek, NE Zirkler, Johanne Henriette "Augusta" (P19)
45 West Lawn Cemetery Heuton, Charles John (P434)
46 Westlawn Cemetery Heuton, Onke Heinrichs (P450)
47 Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park Omaha, NE Eyl, Edward Fredrick Jr (P12)
48 Westlawn-Hillcrest Memorial Park Omaha, NE Larson, Victoria Alma 'Alma Wiktoria' (P63)